We raised ¥17520

We have raised over ¥17520

We’re thrilled to share that, thanks to your support and months of coordination, we’ve successfully completed the first round of fundraising for the Bangwai Primary School Project. Working closely with Principal Wang, we’ve identified and addressed some urgent needs for the school. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve purchased:

3 Computers Lenovo, include screen, keyboard, and mouse. ¥    8.747,00
6 eating tables with chairs for 48 kids ¥    2.320,00
4 Extension cables for computers ¥       128,64
3 Mouse pads for computers ¥         41,70
3 Lan cables for computers ¥         86,72
Router for Wi-Fi connection ¥       211,70
Rice & vegetable steamer 380V ¥    1.548,00
Electric switch for rice / vegetable steamer ¥       211,90
Fridge ¥    2.846,00
Printer ¥    1.379,00
Total  ¥ 17.520,66

Thank you for your generous contributions, which have made a significant difference in improving the school’s facilities and resources. Your continued support means the world to us and to the students at Bangwai Primary School.