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About Our Project

There is no doubt year 2020 has hit everyone hard with the global pandemic. We know people are still struggling in all different perspectives, and even leading a normal daily life in Shanghai seems to become a privilege. Hence, we decided it’s time to give back- even at the smallest scale.

Located in the most remote area in Shuangjian County, Bangwai is a typical Yunnan village that relies heavily on agriculture. As the only primary school in the village, Bangwai Primary School consists of 7 classes and 112 students, more than 70% of which belong to ethnic minorities. With insufficient income from agriculture, most adults there had to leave Bangwai and work in cities to support the family. This means that unfortunately, more than half of students have been apart from their parents for years. Even so, with little education background, the average annual household income in Bangwai is still below 6000RMB, and many children have no choice but drop out from school to work at farms to support the family. For the ‘lucky’ ones who can stay in school, it is difficult to describe their study environment at Bangwai Primary School as comfortable or satisfactory. Most facilities there are outdated and worn-out, and the school simply does not have enough funding to provide or upgrade the most fundamental teaching tools.

More than 3000 kilometers away from Bangwai, it deeply pains us that those children still face countless obstacles to acquire even the most basic education. We firmly believe quality education is the key to break the circle of poverty and enable more fulfilling lives, therefore we advocate Bangwai Primary School charity project.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the education quality in Bangwai Primary School, by providing:

  • School bags
  • Study Tools
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Bedsheets for the dormitory
  • Computers & Printers
  • Rice Cookers & Fridge
All the collected money will go directly into Bangwai Primary School Charity Project with full transparency. We will personally purchase the above items and arrange personal delivery, and all items will be scheduled to be ready before Spring semester in the end of February. List of items that we bought can be found here.

School Location

Yunnan Province, Lincang City, Bangbing Township, Bangwai Village, Bangwai Primary School

Our Blog

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